What is SUP FIT?

    SUP Fit is a boot camp style workout performed on the beach and on Stand Up Paddle Boards, it incorporates all your classic boot camp exercises like squats, sit ups, push ups, resistance band workouts etc performed on the beach and on SUP's but also includes many other exercises that are more SUP specific like paddling drills, prone paddling, SUP burpee's and many more exercises that you would do on a balance board in the gym. it is a fantastic core workout due to the added challenge of balancing on the Sup's but more importantly its a lot of fun which means you will keep motivated and stick with it.  

SUP fit is suitable for beginners right through to your seasoned fitness junkies, it is also a perfect complement for anyone who plays other sports or gym programs as the benefits of a strong core are well know.  

Our Instructor Karl is a qualified Personal Trainer, SUP  instructor and Pilates instructor with a back ground in SUP racing, Mountain bike Racing and also a Ultra Marathon Runner but don't let these qualifications fool you Karl grew up over weight and in a non sporting family so understands what its like for anyone starting a fitness journey. His philosophy is to make it FUN and keep it simple, you should leave a training session felling invigorated and wanting to do it again. He encourages and guides everyone to work at there own fitness level and intensity.

Book into one of our regular Saturday morning classes now to see what its all about if you don't like it we will refund your money .

Make new friends, enjoy a coffee after and get fit.